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So who doesn’t love a bit of online shopping? Well more like a lot of online shopping. I do most of my buying on the inter-webs because it’s more convenient- you can take your time and browse the e-aisles without having to deal with other customers bouncing into you or pushy sales clerks. Just a quick (or lingering) sweep of the site, add to basket, purchase and you’re done.

One of the things that I have learned from operating my Instagram page is that customers always want to know ‘where’. Where can I buy this? Where can I find shipping information and costs for products? Most of the designers that I feature have a prominent online-apart from social media-presence that make it easier for customers to view and purchase items.

There are also websites like No More Fashion Victims that make it easy to shop a variety of your favorite  Caribbean Designers all in one space.

Here are a few that you should take immediate note of:

Shop Shari (Trinidad and Tobago)

Who is Shop Shari?

SHOPSHARI is a Trinidadian brand inspired by print. The essence of the brand is based on cultural inspiration reflecting the beauty and diversity of our people through design and the use of colour and prints particularly the combination of various prints. The brand caters to persons of all ages who are about expressing themselves through fashion while being as comfortable as they can be (via

Why I Like Her:

Shari creates beautiful statement pieces that include her signature maxi dresses and tribal inspired necklaces featuring lots of print and color.



Rachel Rochford (Trinidad and Tobago)

Who is Rachel Rochford?

Rachel Rochford’s jewellery comprises of bespoke and limited edition designs, geared towards the person who desires exclusive, timeless wearable art. Each piece of jewellery is meticulously created by Rachel, with the utmost care and attention to detail, with the hope that when the piece of jewellery is worn, people will be drawn to both the uniqueness of the piece jewellery and the hidden beauty of its wearer. (via Social media )

Why I Like Her:

Rachel’s work is full of Caribbean magic- always refreshing to see and flat out breathtaking.



J. Angelique (Barbados)

Who is J. Angelique?

J. Angelique is a proud Caribbean brand: its ultimate purpose to develop the Caribbean region by empowering its citizens through fashion. Fashion has the power to change the world; shape attitudes, change perceptions, build confidence and transform lives. We must use this power wisely to mould Caribbean people into respectful, self-assured and open minded individuals. Fashion for progress, this is the big picture. (via

Why I Like Her:

Janelle’s talent runs the gamut from flowing maxi dresses to fitted business attire, menswear, Carnival Monday-wear, menswear and lingerie!




*This list is certainly not exclusive to those mentioned and I look forward to updating soonest for your shopping pleasure.

Have a great weekend guys!


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