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Let’s be real: there are WAY more than ten things that you can do when flying down to St. Vincent and the Grenadines for Vincy Mas. Long gone are the days when weeks would lapse in between fetes and other carnival type activities . These days, party goers are replete with¬†more than enough options to satisfy their fete-ing appetites.

So what’s on my MUST do list? See fetes below:

Wednesday 29th June & July 6

Bun Wuk

Location: Grenadine House, 3pm-11pm


Saturday June 25

Cheaper WATA (With Foam)

La Croix Boxing Plant, 8pm- until


Thursday June 30

Anti-Stush 4.0

Murray Heights Hotel, 9pm-until

Pop up over to this Thursday night lime, more info here: Anti-Stush 4.0

Friday July 1st

Climaxx: The Carnival Cooler Fete

Rawacou National Park, Midnight until



Thursday June 30

Anti-Stush 4.0

Location: Murray Heights Hotel, 9pm- until

Drinks List


Sunday July 3

Slippery When Wet (All Inclusive/Semi)

Location: Private Mt. Wynne

Limited early bird tickets go on sale from today, at The Cell (Digicel flagship store adjacent to FedEx on Halifax St) Ec$140.00. Or from committee members: Tyrone 493-2330, Richard 494-6878, Apollo 528-3030, Allan 532-8889


Isle Ivre (Ultra-Premium All- Inclusive)

Location: Young Island, 4pm-until

Celebrate island life with the best djs and great company.

Email Your Ticket Request To





For the full calendar of events to attend for Vincy Mas 2016, the good people over at The Network SVG have compiled this pretty comprehensive list of private events.



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