Hell hath no fury like a Caribbean woman scorned and Haitian-American singer-songwriter TeaMarrr’s debut single “One Job” demonstrates just that. So just who is TeaMarrr? We’ve got the tea, via her bio:

 “I’m a Haitian girl in a crazy world. I’m trying to cry less and sing more, because music makes me feel good. My art does just what a cup of tea can do for you. Whether it’s hot or cold, I want people to feel good. My name is an acronym for—Totally Enthused About Making Really Really Raw—music, art, fashion, or anything. Whatever it is, it has to be raw. That’s my Tea!”

And raw she is! Her deliciously angry yet extremely calm lyrics on “One Job” would leave you finger-snapping in agreement while bopping to the beat. We’re here for it!


You can catch up with TeaMarrr and her dope sound on Instagram and Twitter.