Caribbean Swimsuit Designers

Is it swimsuit season yet? Maybe not  for my friends in New York and the UK but for us in the Caribbean, every day can be a beach day.

Some of my favorite Instagram accounts to stalk are the (Caribbean) swimwear designers who invoke thoughts of fruity drinks, pineapple chow and an ice cold island brew. Here are a few of my faves often worn by the designers themselves that would have you posting #bodygoals with every re-post (that was for you Sian).



Rebelusian (Trinidad & Tobago)

Why I Like Rebelusian: Well..because…Sian makes everything she designs look SO good. you can imagine yourself rocking it even if you don’t have her body. I certainly appreciate the options that offer a bit more coverage while still allowing her clients to look rebelliously sexy.

Contact Sian:







Swim Kass (USVI)

Why I Like Swim Kass: Because who doesn’t want to be draped in mesh-y fabric lounging at the beach sipping your alcoholic beverage of choice from a hollowed out pineapple.

Website: Swim Kass





Misim Beach Babe (Jamaica)

Why I Like Misim Beach Babe: Colour. Details. Stylish comfort.

Website: Misim Beach Babe








Dominic Hutch (Trinidad and Tobago)

Why I like Dominic Hutch’s Rio Line: A swimsuit with POCKETS! Genius!




*All images were taken from each Designer’s respective Instagram page.

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