Peepal Tree shortlisted for the Clarissa Luard Award!

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We are thrilled to report that we have been shortlisted for the prestigious Clarissa Luard Award for Independent Publishers. We are in some excellent company, as the shortlist  includes other ace indies, Lantana Publishing, Little Toller Books and Penned In the Margins.

The Judges said, “Communication is top of the list for the four shortlisted publishers of the Clarissa Luard Award for Independent Publishers. Eclectic in their scope, these independent publishers champion diversity, niche areas and under-served markets in the publishing industry, and top of their list is their desire to create new channels to reach their public direct.” If we are lucky enough to win then we hope to produce a new a fortnightly radio-style programme delivered as a podcast, ‘The New Caribbean Voices’.

Jeremy Poynting, our Managing Editor, said, “We at Peepal Tree Press were delighted with the original announcement of the Clarissa Luard prize, and even more delighted to learn that we had been shortlisted for it. I’m sure we share with other independent publishers much the same motivations for why we do it – which is that we want to enable good and important writing to emerge despite a wider publishing climate where the market marginalises what it doesn’t think it can sell – and we do it because we enjoy the processes of publishing, such as our engagement with authors who often become our friends, and the response of readers who have been searching for images of themselves and find it in the books we publish. Even so, there are times when, as publishers, we feel like poor relations. We are always hugely pleased when our authors win prizes, get on shortlists and even sometimes come away with good-sized cheques. But sometimes the genuine but vicarious pleasure harbours the insidious thought: What about us? Wouldn’t it be nice if sometimes the publisher came away with a prize, too. So the decision of New Writing North to award the Clarissa Luard prize for publishers struck a welcome note. We have also been around long enough to have been the recipient of Clarissa Luard’s support when she was literature officer at the Arts Council, so it is good to be reminded of her. We have what we think is a good idea for spending the money if we have the good fortune to win, but even if we don’t win, there will remain the satisfaction of being recognised – as a publisher – for what we are, what we have done and what we propose to do in the future.”

The winner of the £10,000 prize will be announced alongside the David Cohen Prize for Literature at a ceremony in London on 8th November 2017.

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