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Mr. Montano come through! Showtime is such a different sound from what MM usually delivers and I love it. Of course, there may be a slight bias because I am a Skinny Fabulous fan through and through and I immediately knew he had a hand in the writing of this one. Have a listen!


Artist: Machel Montano

Title: Showtime

Riddim: Pim Pim Riddim

Produced by: TeamFoxxMusic – Lashley “Motto” Winter

Composers/Writers: Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle, Machel Montano & Lashley “Motto” Winter

Background vocals by Danielle Vieira

Publishers: Gamal Doyle (COTT)/Masuso Publishing (COTT/BMI) c/o Warner Chappell Music Canada)/Foxfuse Publishing (BMI)

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