One of my favorite Trinidadian fashion designers has got to be Laura Narayansingh. With all of the research that I do on brands for the blog, I’ve only just realized that she is an Architect by profession, which makes a lot of sense. Her pieces, whether clothing, Monday-wear or Carnival costumes, are always so beautifully constructed and seamlessly put together.  I fell in love with the images that Laura posted on her Instagram page of her wedding dress and scurried over to her blog for a peek at her wedding day. She has graciously granted permission for me to re-post her blog post. See more below.

..That awkward moment when you’ve realised that you treated your wedding like it were an urban design/ master planning project… I CLEARLY need a life! #moreissuesthanvogue #thearchitectstruggle.

Anyway, I’m so happy to share these photos. What it all boiled down to was that Veer and I simply wanted love to be in the air on our day- it was in the air, the grass, the trees the flowers, the rain, the food, the port-a-potties…. 😉

Our memories of that day are filled with joy and goosebumps! To all the couples out there who are struggling with your wedding planning, the one piece of advice I feel urged to share is make sure your day reflects YOUR love.

P.S. No, we do not have any umbrellas left.. our guests are ALL hooligans.

Read more from Laura’s blog here and if you’re thinking of a destination Wedding, have a look at our most recent blog post on the legal requirements of getting married in the Caribbean.

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Marquerite Tuufuli

Wow! Congrats doll! You are such a stunning bride and your wedding dress fits like a glove! Absolutely gorgeous!


Oh wow! this is amazing! i love every detail of their celebration!

Edwige ( Blmgirl) | htttp://

Travel with Alaine

Oh my goodness the detail and beautiful decorations, dress, cake that went into the wedding planning! I used to work in the wedding industry and the details really do make a difference! But its so worth it to hire a wedding planner because thats what they do and are great at!


This head piece is gorgeous!

Rebecca K. Sampson (@RebeccaKSampson)

This is one fierce bride! What a dress. The hair! Congrats Laura!