How To Get Featured On The Karibbean Kollective

You are a fashion designer, an artist, a manufacturer of chocolates or own a small business. You are of Caribbean descent or you are Caribbean based. The Karibbean Kollective should feature you…right?

Social media has changed the way brands market themselves in 2016. Larger brands are opting out of Advertisements placed on television, in newspapers or well known magazines and choosing to put their products in the hands of Youtubers, vloggers, bloggers and companies that distribute products solely for review purposes. Not only does this save them a huge chunk of change when it comes to advertising- it positions the product in the hands of persons with large followings (i.e Influencers) whose opinions/features can seriously boost sales, create brand awareness (they go on to do collaborations and become brand ambassadors) and make use of the trustworthy relationship that most influencers have with their followers.

While The Karibbean Kollective would love to feature every single brand that crosses our radar, there are a few reasons why we don’t. So how do you change that? Here are a few key things you NEED to pay attention to, to ensure a feature.


Make Yourself Visible

Sounds obvious enough right? Wrong. One of the reasons that you may not get featured is simply because we do not know you exist. Do you have a website? A Facebook page? Are you on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter? Are you using hashtags that would allow us to find you? If not, you need to rectify this, pronto! We are partial to #caribbeanfashion #caribbeanstyle #caribbeandesigner and #madein(whatever country you are from). It really helps to #caribbean in front of any service that you may offer as that is our niche and tells us where to find you (e.g #caribbeanphotographer, #caribbeanchocolates, #caribbeanhotels).



Many persons miss out on Instagram features because they do not have high resolution images. Yes, I understand that many small businesses may not be able to afford professional photography but there are ways of getting around that. For example, there are many budding photographers that are starting out that need to build their portfolio who may offer shoots at extremely discounted rates. If that fails, you can always take them yourself. See how here.


Pay Attention To Your Social Media Profiles

Okay. This one is a tad bit tricky. Most people use social media on a daily basis for different reasons but if you have a (business) brand, a well curated social media page will take you places. Learn how to separate your personal life (what you had for lunch + your favorite selfie) from your business page (product photos + client photos). Trust me. It matters. I have had many larger publications refuse to work with brands because their pages did not look professional. They don’t care about whether you grow or not. For them, it’s mostly business. I, however, have a vested interest in your growth. Hence this advice. If you want persons to take your brand seriously, YOU need to take your brand seriously.


Invest In Your Brand

When I first started featuring Caribbean entrepreneurs I had a simple word-press blog with a name I didn’t like that I hardly did blog posts for. When I decided to pay attention to the things that I was passionate about, I did three things: (1) I bought a domain name; (2) I registered the domain name and purchased a website package; (3) I purchased an email address. All simple things that made a huge difference.

This is 2016. You do not need to be a rocket scientist or to pay out the wazoo for an aesthetically pleasing, functional website. There are many services online that allow you to build sites that you can operate yourself for a fraction on the cost. If a website is more than you can handle yourself then seek out a brand consultant or hire someone to manage your social media profiles. The adage if true. If you want to make money you’ve got to be willing to spend (read: invest) some yourself.


You’ve Been Featured. Now What?

  1. SHARE the article. Let us know you’ve seen it. Tag your friends. Let them see it too. Growth shouldn’t move in only one direction.
  2. Be PREPARED for the exposure and the attention. Our social media pages combined are over 15,000 organic followers from all over the world. Have readily available stock for persons who would wish to purchase immediately. Figure out shipping costs regionally and internationally. Features make no sense if you are not ready for the opportunity when it knocks.
  3. TAG us in posts. Shoot us an email. We don’t bite. Reach out. It helps to build and maintain a professional relationship and ensure that you remain on our radar. We can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Oh. Another thing. We do offer sponsored posts on the blog and social media. If you need information on those packages and what they entail, shoot us an email at



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