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Apart from a good pair of shoes, handbags are the Caribbean woman’s favorite way to accessorize an outfit. From totes to clutches to mini-bags and weekenders there is nothing like the skill, craftsmanship and attention to detail that Caribbean Handbag designers pour into each piece that they create. Here are eight Caribbean Owned hand-bag brands that you should shop now.


JoVew By MAKISA– Trinidad and Tobago


Known for her love for florals and pastels, designer Makisa Lewis was born and raised in the Caribbean island of Trinidad. She graduated from the Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design with her BFA in Fashion Design in 2012. After graduating she worked as an assistant designer in a fashion clothing company for a couple years, then launched her accessory brand, JoVew by MAKISA in 2014.




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Même Bête St. Lucia

The brand: At même bête…, we focus on providing luxury leather bags that are both practical and fashionable. All items are handmade with precision in St. Lucia, to offer you the best quality and finishing. We work with many different types of traditional cloths such as African wax print and madras, and combine them with the finest of leather. Variations in colour and shading are natural to the leather and are not flaws, but should be considered part of the unique beauty of each piece. The company currently operates out of a small workshop in St. Lucia in the Caribbean where lunch hours are typically spent on the beach.

Photo by Kareem Stanley IG: @iammeerakulos
Photo by Mygell Felix IG: @felix_envisionz


Photo: Fiona Compton IG: @fiona758

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Twig & Pearl- Belize

Twig & Pearl is a fashion and lifestyle brand, partnering with artisans and nature to offer beautiful, curated collections of high-quality handcrafted fashion and lifestyle products that are made from a minimum of 75% natural materials (Leather, wood, cotton, silk, hemp, stone, etc). We believe that the best way to leave behind a healthy environmental and social footprint is to create products that are thoughtfully designed, well made from high-quality sustainable materials, and are carefully manufactured in small batches by people who genuinely love and believe in the product they are creating.



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Cee Wee Designs- Trinidad and Tobago

Cee Wee Designs is a dynamic brand which designs and manufactures bags and accessories. We originate from and operate out of the beautiful island of Tobago. Cee Wee Designs aims to provide clients with products that exude timeless sophistication with an island flair.





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Island Bags By Lilian Russell- Barbados

Island Bags by Lilian Russell is a range of cosmetic bags and handbags designed and manufactured in Barbados. Each bag is laser printed with a photograph taken somewhere around the island. Island Bags by Lilian Russell add a bit of laid back glamour to your style and can also make fabulous gifts, or perfect souvenirs of Barbados.






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Drevait Handbags– Trinidad and Tobago

Drevait is a locally-crafted handbag brand that designs limited, one-of-a-kind, and made-to-order pieces, which offer a refreshing take on the Caribbean aesthetic. As the name describes, Drevait caters to the woman who is always on-the-go, with only one mission in mind: To experience life.
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High quality craftsmanship leather accessories. Hand-made in Haiti
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Ikesha Art- St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Handcrafted Bags Made in St.Vincent & the Grenadines
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*One of the things that I’ve learned about curating content is that someone, somewhere, always feels a bit left out. So this is my disclaimer: This list (all of them for that matter) is by no means exhaustive. If you’ve not seen your favorite brand on the site, you can share them with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter- just tag me!

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