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Farm to Table dining experiences are not new to the Caribbean Islands. With Agriculture playing a vital role in the economies of many Caribbean countries,  many nationals are accustomed to eating an abundance of locally available produce fetched from their backyard gardens or from their weekly jaunts to the Saturday markets where farmers hawk their goods. The global social movement that encourages restaurants to serve locally grown foods has inevitably trickled down to our shores and Caribbean chefs, cooks, restaurateurs and the like are now creating Farm to table dining experiences for patrons. We’ve put together a list of places that you should try- you know- in the event that you want to do a dining tour of the region.


Stush In The Bush

Location: Jamaica


“It is a love story. It is the combination of Rastafari and Chic. It is the blending of Ital farming and exotic vegetables. It is the love of mother nature and the love of fine dining. It is rustic and it is gourmet. It is “Sexy Vegetarianism.” It is the first and the last ingredient on every bottle, in every meal, in all we do… love and affection.  It is Lisa and Chris. Our love story.” – via

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Our Moving Table

Location: Trinidad & Tobago


“Our Moving Table is a collaboration between Farm To Table Chef Sonja Sinaswee and D’ Market Movers, the country’s first online delivery service of fresh produce, seafood, meats and locally produced fare. Together, we hope to take you on an epicurean adventure through the diverse landscape that is the food of Trinidad and Tobago. 

While you dine, we will seduce you with sounds of our land. Not just the birds and bees in our flourishing tropical trees, but also the rich and rhythmic sounds of our music. Our Moving Table has partnered with the New Fire initiative, a new artistic movement creating a cultural revolution in T&T. This movement of diverse creative young people showcases musicians from our soil, telling the stories of our culture. 

With every dish and every sound, we hope to serve up fresh perspectives, fiery passion and avid appreciation, leaving you satisfied but hungry for more. So come, have a seat at Our Moving Table and taste who you are.”- via Our Moving Table Facebook Page

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Images via Our Moving Table Facebook Page / Tarique Eastman / Media Mill 


Belle Mont Farm

Location: St. Kitts & Nevis


“As a guest on Belle Mont Farm, enjoy an authentic West Indies culinary experience with locally foraged ingredients enhanced by the imagination of our resident chefs. Belle Mont Farm prides itself on the expansive edible landscape that surrounds the resort and the unbelievably fresh, organic produce it offers. Each morning, receive the freshest fruits and vegetables delivered directly to your Guesthouse. On-site Belle Mont Farm guests also can dine and relax at The Kitchen, The Mill Bar, The Farm, Arthur’s and Rolling Mango with an astounding 90% of the restaurants’ provisions sourced from our own and surrounding farms in St. Kitts and Nevis working closely with nearby farmers and expert foragers, we are able bring the best of farm-to-table dining to the Caribbean.

Savor fresh dishes bursting with local flavor when visiting The Great House. Relax in the relaxed atmosphere of The Kitchen set high on the slopes of Mount Liamuiga, or gather with friends old and new over the handcrafted cocktails at The Mill.  For a special occasion, reserve your spot at The Farm, where we put a tropical twist on farm-to-table dining and spend the evening talking with the chef while he and his team prepare dinner in front of you.

We gather fresh, aromatic produce from our own 400-acre organic, sustainable farm and other locations around the island for your table. In keeping with Kittitian Hill’s food philosophy, we also seek out ways to ethically source what we cannot produce onsite by partnering with specialist suppliers throughout the Caribbean who share our commitment to managing resources in a responsible manner.” via

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Jakes Treasure Beach

Location: Jamaica


“Jakes is located in the parish of St. Elizabeth, which is the island’s breadbasket and home to 40,000 farmers. Once a month, on the Saturday closest to the full moon, we gather at sunset at Dool’s Farm and dine at an epically long table for a chef-prepped feast.

Picture this: cocktails upon arrival with fresh fruit picked on site, followed by a leisurely procession to the table that’s draped in crisp linens and lit by lanterns strung from the trees. Then as the sun dips behind the mountains and the moon rises bright, you’ll be served course after family-style course of organic dishes and wine pairings Jamaica. Conceived by Liz Solms, a local sustainable agriculture expert, a Farm-to-Table dinner will definitely be a highlight of your time”- via

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Images via Jakes Treasure Beach Facebook Page 

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