Eyes Original Releases New Single, ‘Use To Be’ 

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Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, ​Eyes Original started his musical journey at the age of 16. Starting in the industry by simply grabbing the mic at parties, he ​quickly began recording and performing live, which is now seeing his music successfully mastered by ​Frenz For Real​; famous for working with other similar acts such as Vershon​, ​Singer J​, ​Aidonia and ​Dexta Daps​. This debut single from ​Eyes Original​, ‘​Use To Be’​, is now scheduled for a ​27th July 2018​ release.


Currently residing in the UK, ​Eyes Original​’s music can be described as a mix of Dancehall and Pop — his trans-cultural appeal has allowed him to experiment musically with both Caribbean and British elements, providing fans of Dancehall with something new and refreshing. Eyes Original is also part of ​Unique Talent​, a community that helps young people involved in crime or gang culture in the UK to reach their full potential and become valuable members of society. ‘Use To Be’ is a feel-good summer classic mastered by ​Frenz For Real (​Vershon​, ​Singer J​, ​Aidonia​,​Dexta Daps​, ​Gully Bop​)​.

​The track is simply ​about looking forward, and wishing happiness and prosperity to one and all. His message in times of hardship, is that perseverance is a must, and making love your vocal point can elevate people to move forward. Citing ​Buju Banton​, Capleton​, Sizzla​,​2Pac​, and​TheNotoriousB.I.G.as his key musical influences, and with hard-hitting snappy lyrics, ​Eyes Original​ serves straight-to-the-point freedom of expression and sunny vibes.

Links:  Facebook:​ ​www.facebook.com/iameyesoriginal

Listen to Eyes Original Here

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