The Cloth Caribbean Recruits TVISUAL Team For Its New Campaign

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TVISUAL members Terrance Williams and Lynda De La Mothe Frontline the “This Story Blue” collection’s visual campaign for The Cloth Caribbean. Both Terrance and Lynda add to their roles, doubling as creative director and make-up artist. Captured by Kerby Young, Terrance & Lynda wear the collection’s deeply vibrant pieces with diverse silhouettes that are malleable to most body types. Kambe Lovelace worked as stylist for the shoot which spotlights elegant cuts mixed in with bold prints, contributing to the feel of easiness while daring to stand out.


All pieces by The Cloth

Production by the TVISUAL team

Models: Lynda De La Mothe & Terrance Williams

Photographer: Kerby Young

Styling: Kambe Lovelace

Creative Director: Terrance Williams

4 thoughts to “The Cloth Caribbean Recruits TVISUAL Team For Its New Campaign”

  1. TVISUAL is such a great idea!! I believe as they continue to grow /expand they will impact more young creatives to be inspire to becoming entrepreneurs in the creative industry or even being part of the Tvisual team. Big up to meh whole friend sherwyn Williams!!!!😝

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