Carnival Monday Will Be A Fairy Tale

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There used to be a time when ‘Monday wear’ throughout the islands consisted of hot shorts and t-shirts or parts of your costume from the Tuesday Mas revelry. With Carnival evolving over the years and party goers looking for ways to up their experience on the road, the growing trend of Monday Wear sections seems to be on the rise. One of our favorites in the game is Fashion Designer Chandra Maharaj based in Trinidad and Tobago.

Chandra’s Monday Wear 2018 Collection “Tales” is a sexy spin on some of our favorite Disney characters…think Ariel using her newly acquired legs to play mas instead of chasing after Prince Eric. Chandra’s aim, according to her website, was to present a beautiful collection that was still affordable for patrons. We think she nailed it! Head over to for prices and information on how to register.


Team work makes the dream work:

Photographer: Anthony J. Photography

Model: Sinead 

Makeup Artist: Mila Maharaj

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