Everything You Need To Know Before Planning A Caribbean Destination Wedding

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British Virgin Islands
Getting married in the British Virgin Islands is not all that difficult. Allow yourself three days on the island to get the marriage license. Applications require passports or a certified copy of your original birth certificate, and another form of photo identification. If you have been divorced, you need legal proof of the divorce decree. Likewise, you will need the death certificate of a deceased spouse, if applicable. No blood tests are required, but you will be required to buy $110.00 in BVI postage stamps. Marriage ceremony fees are payable to the Registrar in Road Town. The cost is $35.00 if performed in the office or $100.00 if performed elsewhere. Click the link for more information about “Weddings and honeymoons Virgin Islands-style“.

For those interested in getting married on Anguilla, both parties must present proof of citizenship in a resident country. Such proof includes a valid passport, birth certificate or driver’s license with photo. If either party has been divorced or widowed, the divorce decree or death certificate of the deceased spouse must be presented. Documents must be notarized and written or translated into English. If one member of the couple has resided in Anguilla for at least 15 days before the date of the nuptials, the cost of the marriage license is $40.00, or $284.00 if residency has been less than 15 days. In addition, there is a nominal duty stamp. Allow approximately two working days to process the license. Two witnesses are required to attend the marriage ceremony. For further information or to apply for a license, contact: Registrar, Judicial Department, The Valley, Anguilla. Telephone: 809-496-2377.

St. Martin
To get married on the French side of the island, either the bride or groom must have resided on the island for no less than six months. No such requirement exists for the Dutch side. Foreign visitors not registered as residents who wish to get married on St. Martin must request permission to do so from the Lt. Governor of the Island Territory of St. Martin by faxing a letter to the Lt. Governor’s Office, Government Administration Building, 59-95-24884. Registration with the Office of Civil Registry has to take place at least

10 days prior to the wedding date. Parties must be 18 years or older on the Dutch side and 21 years old on the French side. Must parties must present a declaration of marital status and, if divorced, a divorce certificate. For more information, contact the Office of Civil Registry: Telephone: 59-95-22457.

St. Barth
Couples planning an on-island wedding on St. Barth will need to present original birth certificates or copies with a raised seal. A certificate of good conduct, including a certification of single status is also required. A residency card that provides proof that at least one member of the couple has resided on the island for no less than one month is also required. Couples will need to provide medical certificates with blood test results issued within three months of the wedding date. French translations of English-language documents must be provided. A “Bulletin de Mariage” and a “Livret de Famille” will be presented at the ceremony. There is no fee. For more information, contact the tourist bureau of St. Barth


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