Nneka Elliott To Host Caribbean Lifestyle Talk Show

Nneka Elliott, award-winning ‘TV news gyal’ and former reporter/anchor at CP24 will launch “NNEKA” on April 4, 2017 a digital lifestyle talk show for the Caribbean diaspora. Hosted by Nneka herself, the show focuses on fashion, beauty, food, health and culture through a Caribbean lens.

Season one guests include: YouTube star Marlon Palmer, comedian Jay Martin, success coach Karlyn Percil, Sandy Lion brand ambassador for DAYA by Zendaya and many more.

The show features interviews with celebrities and influencers of Caribbean descent and will air every Tuesday at noon, starting April 4 on Nneka’s YouTube channel. The show brings a fresh and modern perspective to Caribbean lifestyle by celebrating Caribbean talent and the rich cultural nuances that are unique to Caribbean people.

Nneka left CP24 news in the fall of 2016 seeking growth and an opportunity to rediscover her voice. As a Canadian, born in Quebec, raised in St Vincent and the Grenadines and living in Toronto, she has always felt that she, like many others in the Caribbean diaspora, has a unique lived experience.

“I’ve always had this cultural duality in the sense that I’m very much Canadian, but I’m also a Caribbean woman. I know what it means to ‘chip down de road,’ but I also go camping and house boating. When I go to the Caribbean, I’m home but ‘ah come from foreign,’ so it’s a different experience.”

As a true story-teller and innovator, Nneka realized she wanted to create a show through which she could share the narrative of that experience that was authentic and meaningful. With millions of Caribbean people living around the world, Nneka recognized an opportunity to showcase both her and their incredible culture through her unique lens.

“I wanted to create a show that people who live at that same intersection that I do could relate to. I wanted the show to be something unlike the Caribbean focused shows I’ve seen. Yes, I’m going to interview reggae and soca artistes, and other celebrities of Caribbean origin, but we’ll also talk fashion, beauty, health, food, culture using a Caribbean lens.”

In addition to the digital show, Nneka has launched her lifestyle blog NnekaElliott.com and continues to work full-time on building the talk show and her digital presence.

Nneka is an old school-mate of mine and I am ecstatic to see that she has joined the ranks of those that seek to tell the (K)ollective story of what makes us. as Caribbean people, unique. I wish her well on this new leg of her journey.

Catch up with Nneka on her social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube



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