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The Choker trend is back and cooler than ever, especially in the Caribbean where clothing designers and jewelry makers are giving this 9os revived trend a unique Caribbean spin. You can dress them up by pairing them with a elegant dress or pant-suit or making the look extremely casual by wearing them with jeans and a crop-top or as an accessory to swimsuits at a beach party. Whatever you decide, I’m here for the Caribbean cool factor that designers have inspired with this trend.


Brand: Fashion Is Payne, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

PAYNE is a clothing and accessories brand based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines producing men’s & womenswear. Founded by Jeremy Payne, the brand ‘PAYNE’ is dedicated to producing urbanized tees and accessories. Funky but Phresh, we take pride in reinventing conventional day-wear by fusing the fine arts with fashion, through concepts of deconstruction & through surface treatments & embellishment. The brand is rooted in an island-grunge laid-back aesthetic fit for the 21st century individualist.

Facebook: Fashion Is Payne 

Instagram: @fashion_is_payne 

Twitter: FashionisPAYNE





Image: Errol John




Brand: Plum Flower Creations, Trinidad and Tobago

Plum Flower Creations was created by Meiling Bansee, a former marine biologist originally from the lush island of Trinidad, but who is currently living in sunny South Florida with her husband and two daughters. Her love of nature and attraction to the seductiveness of the Caribbean has inspired her to create feminine, eye-catching pieces that incorporate natural elements, such as seashell and semi-precious stone in order to blend her evolving love for nature, fashion and the Caribbean. Pieces that are as distinct and whimsical as the individuals who wear them, Plum Flower Creations are worn by women all over the world and continues to evolve and attract admirers who wish to wear handcrafted jewelry that sets them apart from the crowd.


Facebook: Plum Flower Creations 

Instagram: Plum Flower Creations 

Twitter: Plum Flower Creations 







Brand: Cocoa Vintage- Trinidad and Tobago

Cocoa Vintage Jewelry fuses classic ornamental design using ceramic, acrylics and wire inspired by the raw, unmatched beauty of the Caribbean.

Facebook: Cocoa Vintage 

Instagram: Crystal Cocoa 

Twitter: @cocoavintage 





Brand: Rachel Rochford- Trinidad and Tobago

Rachel Rochford is a Creative Entrepreneur. Her creations, be it jewellery, painting, photography or ceramics, are a synthesis of island ethos infused with the essence of the metropolitan. Rachel captures, identifies and encapsulates this elusive visual essence, as she believes it to exist and translates it into her designs and works of art.

Facebook: Rachel Amy Rochford 

Instagram: Rachel Rochford 

Twitter: @RachelRochford 

Stephanie Ramlogan from in this stunning piece from Rachel Rochford



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