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Posted with permission from Shana Jones at Roaming Aviatrix 

I had been twisting and turning through narrow, rocky countryside roads flanked by encroaching sugarcane field bush for over an hour. The only thing burning me more than the sun’s scorching heat beating through my car window was the question of when I would arriveThirty minutes later, I turned into peaceful Chalky Mount, St. Andrew on Barbados’ rugged northeast coast and started up the hill to my destination for the day: Highland Pottery. A modest, single- story wood structure atop a small incline served as shop and factory. I walked inside and Prim, the potter’s wife and assistant, called to me from their residence next door that she’d be right with me.

She showed me the various steps and equipment involved in fashioning locally harvested clay into beautiful household and decorative objects. My eyes voraciously beheld row upon row of dishes, mugs, kettles, light shades, vases, and wall ornaments. Some boasted shiny blue and green hues while others retained the natural rust color of the clay. To my delight, Highland’s owner and potter Winston JN Paul treated me to a live demonstration of his handiwork. It was amazing to see his hands so deftly bring to life the lump of clay with a few spins on the wheel.


Read more of how Paul makes his pottery here.

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