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ONLY IN TRINIDAD, a solo exhibition series of urban photography, by photographer and videographer, Jimmel Daniel, opens at AKIMBO located at 27 Prince Street, Arima, on Saturday, November 4th, 2017, from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. ONLY IN TRINIDAD highlights the artist’s groundbreaking work, as he uses this artistic medium to communicate his exploration of the people, landscape and energy of the island.

Jimmel Daniel creative pursuit began as a filmmaker. He is graduate of University of the West Indies. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Film, with honours, in 2012 and created several film documentaries, such as ‘The Power of the Vagina’, which received honorable mention at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 2009 and nominated for ‘Best Documentary’ at the Portabello Film Festival 2010 in London. In 2016, he took a hiatus from the film industry and spent time focusing on his need to grow as an artist and developing the stories he wanted to tell. It was during this time, that his love for photography became cemented. He would spend hours experimenting with black and white images, taking a break from his daily routine to patrol the streets at wee hours capturing the grittiness of street life wherever he travelled. Daniel developed his own particular style of photography which is characterised by its neo-realistic slant which focuses on the working class and as he describes it “…black and white is the perfect medium, after the colour has been stripped away, to bring out the stark truth in a subject, allowing the viewer to dive deeper into the story”.

Daniel’s amazing photos are taken in some of the out of the ordinary places in Trinidad that document the lives and environment of the people and the island, to feed and educate.

“I see myself as a sniper and my camera is my weapon which I aim with precise accuracy when on the field, to capture moments in all their grittiness and glamour.“ said Mr. Daniel

ONLY IN TRINIDAD exhibition is free to the public and will run until Saturday, November 18th, 2017.


About Jimmel Daniel

Jimmel Daniel was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad. A Bachelor of Arts honours graduate in Film in 2012 from the University of the West Indies. He is a documentarian of short film such as, “The Power of the Vagina”, in 2009. He also worked on features such as “Tribe” (MTV/UNICEF collaboration 2009), “Home Again” (Canada 2012) and “Grown Girls Get Away” (Atlanta, USA 2014). In 2015, he also lent his expertise as a cinematographer to the feature documentary “Maracas Valley Watershed Under Crisis” (Trinidad and Tobago production). He gained a deep appreciation of the rich cultural fabric of Trinbagonian life, which continues to permeate the stories he tells through his art today.


AKIMBO is an independent bespoke event space for the creative industry and fashion boutique for Caribbean fashion, artisan items and lifestyle products.

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