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Losing fat can be broken down into 5 main behavior changes and immediate actions. It is a combination of getting your body’s digestive system working effectively and ensuring that you respect your body by what you put into it.

Detox your liver

Your liver is a very powerful organ which filters out many hormones and toxins from your blood to keep your body balanced. When the liver is stressed or inflamed due to a high intake of toxins (alcohol, burnt food, nicotine, caffeine and processed foods) the body stores the toxins in fat where they cannot harm you. In order to remove the fat the liver must be healthy and ready to take on these toxins. If it is not, the body will not release the toxins through the breakdown of fat.


  • Detox liver with 10 days of drinking nothing but water and limiting the ingestion of toxins – alcohol, burnt food, nicotine, caffeine and processed foods.

Cut out the sugar

When your blood sugar reaches a certain level insulin is released and stores the excess in energy as fat. Over time your body sensitivity to blood sugar can increase. This means that it releases insulin and stores fat at blood sugar levels much lower than normal.


  • Ensure your meals contain  slow releasing carbohydrates like bulgur wheat, sweet potato and rice. See here for lunch ideas.
  • Ensure your meals are balanced with vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Replace sugary snacks with more water, fruit or nuts. See here for some healthy snacks ideas.

Increase your energy expenditure

Increasing your energy expenditure basically means increasing the amount of movement you perform in a day. More dynamic and powerful movements will use more energy but changing small things like walking 30 minutes to work rather than taking the bus can burn an extra 100 calories a day. Also, changing from a sedentary job to a more physical one can dramatically increase your energy expenditure.



  • Perform a bodyweight workout 1 – 5 per week.
  • Find an opportunity to walk 30 minutes extra a day.
  • Find a physical activity to suit your ability and that you enjoy.

Decrease your energy intake

Oppositely to increasing your expenditure, decreasing your energy intake is how much food/calories you eat. Again, simple changes make a huge difference. Changing from eating a chocolate bar to eating some nuts as a snack can make a huge difference. A meal which is an easy switch to reduce you energy intake is breakfast. Get rid of all high energy cereals and replace with omelettes and egg based meals. Don’t like eggs, find more breakfast ideas here.



  • Swap breakfast cereals for omelettes and egg based meals. See some breakfast ideas.
  • Get rid of the high energy snacks replace healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables and nuts.
  • Replace high energy carbohydrates (pasta, bread, etc.) with slow releasing carbohydrates (potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, etc.) and vegetables.


Drink water

Replace all sugary drinks, coffee and tea with water. This will firstly help detox the body and liver. The brain also has a hard time differentiating the difference between thirst and hunger. This means we are commonly eating when we are in fact thirsty. Drink a glass of water when you get up, before every meal and before you go to bed. Dehydration also leads to a 15% reduction in cognitive function. Do not let your food dreams and cravings get the better of this situation.



  • Aim to drink 35ml x body-weight (kg) per day. Average female 76 kg = 2.5L per day
  • Always carry water with you. You will be surprised how much more you will drink
  • Reduce tea and coffee, they are natural diuretics which can leave you more dehydrated.



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