15 Questions With St. Lucian Photographer Royan Descartes

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What first sparked your interest in photography?

Another local on island, Chance Gomez, was doing photography. His work is so creative. It inspired me to try this photography thing out because I have an interest in art.


When did you first begin working in photography?

Back in 2010. I  honestly had no interest in making this a profession. I just ended up liking the fact that I can just take pictures all the time.

What was your first photography job?

It was a wedding which I did for free and I ruined it. There I was snapping away and when I get home all the images were blurry. The  bride and groom didn’t feel too bad because it was my fist time. They were happy with the blurry shots.

Do you pursue Photography full time? What was your day job?

I was/am a computer engineer, something I still do today. Photography became a part of my life through my love for reading national geographic magazines which my father brought home by the box. There were just so many and  I loved reading them.

How does your current job affect your life and interest in photography? Or even your outlook on photography?

Building  super computers can be stressful – especially when you setup this massive powerhouse of a computer and you are not sure why it is not powering on. I  felt like I could offer the world something more with photography. I had more control.


What inspires you in St. Lucia?

That is a very good question and it took me a while to answer this. i would not say there is something in St.Lucia that inspires me to say the least, however, if I have to say WHAT it is then it would have to be a WHO – and that is my Mother.


When you get an idea in your head for a photo, how do go about getting that shot?

I think about the complexity of the shot…what I would need, and if anyone would be willing to assist me. I don’t like boring images. It has to stand out in some little way.


How do you know when you get “the shot”?

When I put the camera down on the ground and walk away freaking out.


What type of camera do you use? What type of equipment?

I use a Nikon D610.


Why is photography important to you?

It allows you to challenge yourself visually and people have no idea the VALUE in photography. It is important to me to just connect with souls through a simple image. It is important to me to be able to create something that would make someone stop and say – “wow, how did he /she do that?”



What are you thinking when you are looking through your “photographer’s eye”? When you are looking for that unique shot?

“I cant wait to get home to edit.”



Do you have advice for beginner photographers?

The best camera is the one that’s with you. Never underestimate yourself and others. Always be willing to learn and open up your mind. Never stay in just one aspect of photography.


How would you describe yourself as a photographer?


If you could go on assignment anywhere in the world to shoot whatever you wanted; where and what would it be, and why?

A wedding. In Iceland.


If you were allowed to show only one photo from this last year, 2016, which one would it be?

Oh, that’s easy.When I made this couple grab a hold of the sun.


How can persons get in contact with you?



Email address: royandescartes@gmail.com

Contact number:  1-758-720-4627

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