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What first sparked your interest in photography?

It’s quite strange. I got an opportunity to use a friend’s camera and every day I’d take the same pictures of a twin-coconut tree- in the morning, in the evening and in many different shades of light. That was definitely the spark. I got to learn about light changes on my own then texture and shape played over in my head and so the days went by and I had to naturally find different perspectives with the coconut trees enabling me to notice framing for the first time. So yea- dem two coconut tree dey sparked my interest- ah grew up knowing dem on the bay and they help me find talent.



When did you first begin working in photography?

It all started as a hobby really, started to leave the coconut trees and wander the bay. A lot of my first images are from the shoreline only-fishing boats, sunsets and lots of water. On weekends I started taking photos at a nightclub to help promote the spot and also at children parties. More people started to see my passion for photography. I also sold a few prints of my work.



What was your first job involving photography?

My first job, I think it was a wedding, I had done many jobs for parties and groups and such but I think my first paid job was a wedding- which is still my favorite scene in photography  I then started to do a few event jobs including Carnival Tuesday with Mirage Productions SVG and that’s when I realized that I was going to have fun with this thing.



Before you started photography as a profession, what did you do? How much was photography a part of your life?

Before photography, I worked random jobs in retail and wholesale, farming and so… I probably didn’t even know the word photography- everything back then was ‘picture’ but I remember I’ve always loved to look at magazines and books with ‘picture’ in them. I especially loved National Geographic Magazines and will always find the photo albums under families’ coffee tables when we visited.

What made you want to change, if any?

Well… not much has changed really. I work for a big company now who’s into the same retail and wholesale and on the side I’m the one taking a lot of ‘pictures’. I still love looking at a great magazine.


What inspires you in St. Vincent and the Grenadines?

The natural beauty, I really do believe St Vincent & the Grenadines is the most beautiful  island in the Caribbean- I don’t think I’m wrong and I’m not biased…it’s just true.


When you get an idea in your head for a photo, how do go about getting that shot?

I don’t exactly get an idea- I get multiple ideas at once- I’d just be doing anything and I’d see a photo in every and anything It used to be  overwhelming but then I figured out how to seek and tackle for the real wicked picture. In getting my shot, I’d first get many shots of that one subject, different angles, different light …which brings us back to the ‘coconut trees’ scenario.

Which do you do more often: get an idea in your head and then set out to get it or go out trying to get ideas and then come across something you like?

I get many ah ideas, sometimes I set out at them and then there are some which may take months before I actually execute…. I do go out also and wander the beach or trail, go on a camping trip with my family and explore endlessly, cocooning a vault of photos-many of which have yet to be released I’m lucky my wife understands my passion in photography.  I can get lost in ‘pictures’

How do you know when you get “the shot”?

My cameras are my weapons, with observation, precision and tactic… I feel that soldier’s victory feeling when I get ‘the shot’ like Booom!

What type of camera do you use? What type of equipment?

I use a Nikon d5000 and a Nikon d7100 backed by a full mobile set-up studio & lighting. I also enjoy using my Polaroid camera and Samsung smart-phone which keeps me entwined in the social media communities.  

How do you communicate what you are feeling and seeing within your photo?

My perspective of the image, the colour, the mood, texture and light. I’m self-taught, so I really do become one with many of my photos- constructing them from start to finish. I’ve tried to buy books after but then I realize every book is teaching me what I’ve already learnt on my own.


Do you have advice for beginner photographers?

You have to have a passion for it, find your passion through different types of photography or develop that ‘picture’ passion you always had in you. Take loads of photos, anything…maybe everything- you teach yourself with each shot.


What do you aspire to be as a photographer?

A great influence and inspiration to others


If you could go on assignment anywhere in the world to shoot whatever you wanted; where and what would it be, and why?

I’d say Africa because I like to do general photography and that continent is so diverse with nature, adventure and culture.


If you were allowed to show only one photo up until the time of this article’s publication which one would it be?

It will definitely be a sunset, I love sunsets…. We’re from a country where we drink the sunset.



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